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Ghostly Encounter #3

I forgot to mention this....a few weeks back on June 13, 2011 I was at the office in my weekly Monday AM Manager's meeting. The door was open and I could have sworn someone wearing white had come to stand next to me. I whipped my head around assuming it was one of the office secretary (who happened to be wearing white that day) wanting to hand me something only to find none there and no one in the hallway outside the boardroom -  the wall ext to the door is made up entire of glass so you can see who is walking past at all times. I shrugged it off because it's just one of those things and went back to listening to the person giving their report in the meeting.

A few days after than my assistant Brie (in response to a conversation we were having) mentioned being in her cubicle after hours on June 9, 2011 when most people had gone home. She said she turned from working on the computer to see someone leaving wearing white....she only saw them from the back as if they'd come in to drop something off and left but she went to see who it was and there wasn't anyone there in the area in front of her cubicle. There isn't any place for someone to go except down one hall or the other or into the kitchen.

I couldn't believe it when she told me and reiterated my story and we both agreed it was weird for both of us to see some kind of apparition in white. I'm chalking it up to the "entity" being an angel or light being or guardian/guide of some sort as there was a soft energy to this 'entity'. Plus it wasn't anything like the other ghosts that inhabit our didn't have the feel of a ghost. The ghosts there are a priest in a long black cassock (as in to his feet) with double brass or gold or silver buttons down it (whom I have only ever seen once by the elevator when I first started at the organization...don't know where he's gone to now and it's been 5 years since lol) and a nice older man in blue jean overalls named Frank who is attached to artwork that has since moved from it's original spot.

Talk amoungst yourselves....
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