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The price of good health care

Srsly I paid twice what I expected at the Naturopath this evening as there was some extra meds and services I need which were prescribed due to the results of tests done and of course I need more tests too. Dang but good NATURAL health care costs and thus the saving for the camera I want will take that much longer since I had to dig into the camera fund to cover the unexpected but well worth it extra costs tonight...*sigh* but at least I'm doing something now to benefit my life in the future and especially since my appointment at the Hospital is not until OCTOBER! Yes that long. I love our free health care system but sometimes it takes too damn long to get the care you need/want and it's only the bare minimum. So I pay out of pocket. Luckily I'm a good saver these past few years!

At least I know I'm doing all the right things to prolong my life and live a healthy life well into old age!
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