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Le Long Weekend

Tried to relax this weekend after a very stressful week....wasn't feeling my best anyway so doing nothing was good in a way but I wish I could take a year off....just to get back to being healthy again. Need some TLC right now. Must find a better way to deal with least that horrible meeting won't take place again until end of September....still have to deal with The Bully on a daily basis though and that's not good for my stress levels since there is no pleasing him Dory says "just keep swimming smiling...". Not looking forward to our stupid weekly am meetings either as it's such a waste of time. I am hoping that they are cancelled for the summer. I can only pray to the gods.....

Took an afternoon nap today and ended up having the most bizarre reference point for it...then again my dreams are often weird. Will post on this later.

Another great episode of True Blood this season....I almost want to read the books but I won't since I'll end up comparing the series to the books and look for the anomalies and stuff the show left out and thus my enjoyment of not knowing what's coming will be diminish. This happened with the movie Beastly which I rented this weekend. I read the YA book of same name already and started to compare the movie to it and I think this is why I didn't end up enjoying the movie as much as I could have but I'll never know for sure. Mind you when I watched I Am Four  I loved it and thus now really want to read the novel but with Red Riding Hood I didn't want to read the book idk.

In other news Torsten Frings just joined the TFC....maybe we should get season tickets? He's a good footballer and the TFC need him....I am beginning to think that North American soccer is where all older Euro footballers come when their careers there are over...that being said they are still more talented than the players over's a fact peoples get over it.
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