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Payphone use?

Popped into Winners on my way home from work just to see what they had ended up getting a couple of tops then was to head over to the EC to meet lady__croft so she could go to her stores then go get Chili Chicken at Yueh Tung's when this small Indian lady in a full sari stopped me on the subway platform to ask me how to use the payphone.  It was so adorable and unexpected so I explained what to do. Sometimes even the most common things are sometimes not so common lol. Just the other day at lunch the group was talking about how they don't use payphones but just ask someone to borrow their cell phone to which I was appalled. I replied I have never asked someone to borrow their phone and always carried 50 cents just in case I need to use the payphone. The only time I'd borrow a cell was if it was an emergency. Idk maybe it's just me but I think it's discourteous as you don't know what someone's cell plan encompasses. Maybe they don't have unlimited talk and now have to paying for the call you make but are too polite to say no....just saying.
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