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How to microwave an egg?

Ok for the past few weeks I've been experimenting with microwaving eggs at the office....unfortunately the frickin' things keep exploding in the microwave no matter what temperature I use or how long I leave it for. I jumped the first time it happened, then laughed at the next several tries now I just hang my head in shame. I will master the art of nuking an egg I swear. *shakes fist* You see I bought an egg microwave poacher gaget ($4) but the dang thing doesn't work or maybe the printed instructions are wrong...idk. says to leave it in the nuker for 60-90 seconds at medium temperature and to be sure to prick the yolk with a fork (I only forgot to do that part one time) but the eggs explode and the lid comes flying off, and they come out like rocks...not nicely poached at the picture on the cup shows or the the claims made on the packaging "Create perfectly poached eggs, in minutes, conveniently from your microwave." Perfectly poached my culo!!! I ate the rocks any way.

Today I also tried to microwave turkey bacon (cuz you can't fry it without a non stick pan which I don't own but that's a whole other fiasco on it's own) for trying to microwave it....well let's not go there either....nuke for one minute on one side turn over and nuke another minute...ya.....sure....turns into some rubbery dried out meat substitute that is better off fed to a starving post apocalyptic society that will eat anything due to a shortage of food ...just saying.

I hate making breakfast at work...
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