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Le Weekend avec les Pirates

Today is such a gorgeous day...the weather is perfect and I'm inside Maybe a walk later.

My hairdresser was supposed to come highlight my hair today but cancelled doing it as she was recently hospitalized due to an asthma attack and her doctor told any strong smells could trigger another attack. Her health is more important than my hair.

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides yesterday at the Scotiabank Theatre...loved it...loved the mermaids naturally. Looking forward to more Pirate movies with Johnny Depp...he's taken the character of Jack Sparrow and turned him into something phenomenal....and a beloved character for such a scoundrel lol. Great actors in this one. Go see it....lots of fun on the high seas! Ahoy Mateys! Up next is definitely X-Men: First Class.

After went shopping and got some summer pants for work. It's so hard to find light pants for work that aren't see through. One of the girls at work told me Reitman's had some and thus I headed over 2 pairs one white (yup no kidding) and one beige plus a pretty teal blouse. The best thing was that it was on SALE!!! Also ducked into HMV and bought the Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as the POTC: Stranger Tides soundtracks!
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