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AGOT, ComiCon and the Subway

So today met up with lady__croft to go home after work....and on the subway she was telling me that A Game of Thrones was having a panel discussion at Comic-Con and who would be there....Jason Momoa to be specific and she was wondering why as his character dies at the end of this season unless they save that for next season's opening episode idk but at the mention of the word Comic-Con this guy sitting across from us whips his head around so fast and looked at us. I had to look away fast as I was trying not to laugh because with the shocked look on his face you'd think he thought that a couple of sexy pretty women couldn't possibly mention or be interested in that type of conference. I felt like I was in an episode of Big Bang Theory. I couldn't look in his direction after that....luckily our stop was next otherwise I don't think I could have held the laughter in anymore...srsly do nerdy guys think pretty girls aren't interested in such things? It's A Game of Thrones people...just saying.

Comic-Con....not just for nerds anymore!
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