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Naturopathic medicine

Tonight I had a visit with the Naturopath....had to bump my meeting tonight but and the good news is that medical condition that I refuse to name can be reversed and abated. I'm ecstatic! There are so many natural ways to heal the body with the right combination of lifestyle and diet. Cost me a pretty penny to see her as it was the initial intake and 2+hrs long (followups visits will be 1/2 the price & only 1/2 hour long) but in the end it will be worth it  because I'll be 10x healthier than I already am in the next few months! GO ME! So focusing now on making a few changes to diet and exercise routines and there's even a wee bit of homework before the next appointment. Rome wasn't built in a day so things must be done little by little but oh the things that are's all so amazing! Wish I'd gone to a Naturopath sooner!

Now to get rid of stress....we'll be working on that too but it would be easier if the universe answers my prayers regarding the biggest stressor of them all! If that goes then things will fall into line much faster and I wouldn't be so scared of the consequences if that particular stress doesn't get removed pronto. Here's to a brighter tomorrow!
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