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Retail Therapy

Got up early to go uptown to Yorkdate Mall with lady__croft for a little retail therapy...hours of walking but at least I got my exercise for the day in!

Purchased a hoodie from one of my fav surf clothing haunts Billabong! LC picked up a sweater wrap than I'm now regret not getting as's so soft and comfy that I just might head over to the one downtown near us to see if they have any left as it's a sale item *crosses fingers*

And of course I couldn't resist going into Chapters while I was there.....and of course I came out with I want the new edition of the Kobe ereader but I am waiting to see if Canada gets the blue/white version that apparently we were told is only slated for US customers (rats USA get all the good stuff lol).

Yesterday amdisa got her second tattoo but I haven't had time to call her to find out how it went....want to see pic
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