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Ghostly Encounter #2

So I'm rummaging around the assistant's desk going through some documents when I feel something go past me and I am poked in my arm rather hard so I whip around about to give the person (who I thought was Jeremy) a piece of my mind only to see that there wasn't anyone there at fact no one was on my side of the office, Jeremy and the rest of his group had gone to lunch and the place was empty and dead silent. I got really annoyed when I realized that I was poked by a non-corporeal entity. I have made it clear that any ghosts that inhabit the building (and there are some) can not cross my office space whatsoever and I usually have up a circle of protection but I'd forgotten that while the crazy Vivian was there that I'd moved the circle to surround only my area and not hers to protect me against her negative energy. I promptly told said entity to get out in no uncertain terms and with the help of Archangel Micheal just for extra fortification extend the barriers back to include my assistant's desk now that Vivian has moved to a different area. So my office is a fortress again but srsly I have made it known that I won't bother the ghosts and they don't bother me except Frank cuz he's attached to a painting and where it goes he goes and he's a nice old engineer ghost who doesn't bother anyone. It's like on that first day I started working at the AD and something followed me home and couldn't get in because I have major protection up at home too. Although at that time I hadn't strengthen the barriers in a while so the thing was able to knock over a CD stand in the night. Well let's just say that I kicked that thing out and whatever poked me this afternoon got the same treatment. Also asked my guardian archangels to make sure nothing returned. *shakes head*

Char came by not too long after and asked what's up told her about the poke and showed her my arm....she said there was a small white mark where the poke happened....

I'm not in the mood these days....just saying...
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