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Le long Weekend and Thor

What a holiday weekend! Everything seem to get moved around from shopping to going to the movies. Finally got new desk chairs from Staples instead of Ikea as there were the same price (5 minute walk vs 1.5 hr TTC trek) - put them together in about 30 minutes \o/. Have screwdriver will build! A bbq with amdisa and lady__croft where we took a side trip to Future Shop for an expansion drive so I could finally install some new software for amdisa ...the "plug" fiasco was hilarious but I won't say anymore on that lmao! Purchased a bunch of books on my wish list as well as great southern rock and some surf music....i eclectic in my music tastes *shrugs*. Did finally get to see Thor (based on the marvel comic) which was pushed back so many times I lost count. Loved it...bring on the blue ray! It was hilarious and action packed. Plus we all know Chris Hemsworth (he played James T Kirk's father in the last Star Trek movie btw) as he looks in the movie is all my kind of attractive! Keep the long hair please and why not keep the beard as well cuz dang....I need to import some more of his kind. Must rave about the special effects for Bifrost....absolutely adaptation of the rainbow bridge I've ever seen! I'll say one thing for Natalie Portman....don't do anything involving romance....she had absolutely zero chemistry with the God of Thunder.....other than that she was great. Heimdallr character was done well, really liked Anthony Hopkins as Odin and must give a shout out to Stellan Skarsgård because if it involves Vikings he's always there but they're his ancestors after all! For those who haven't seen it yet....stay till all the end credits finish rolling as there is a scene (slightly confusing but whatever) at the end. Thor will be back in The Avengers and If Chris H is going to resurrect his roll as Thor I'm so there! I need to find me a Viking stat!
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