Niviene (niviene) wrote,

The road of life.....

Finally the internet is up and computer installed...haven't even had time to 'play' with all the new programs yet. Trying to finish my resume and other current WIPs now that we have a computer again. Although I'm supposed to be relaxing I'm having hard time doing so mainly as we had to finish the library and now the test that's coming up next week which is worrisome and dealing with crazy lying people (who need to get out of my life) equal a not as stress free as I should be mermaid. Doctor was clear on staying away from stressful things but dang that is harder to do than say. Sometimes I have no idea where my life is going (see icon) many changes in the lives of people I know that I'm almost a bit envious as mine seems to be just spinning in circles or at least that's how it feels anyway even if maybe in reality it isn't. And thus we are back to that old devil stress....the great illusionist.

Talked to Es this morning....she's slowly getting settled after the fire and that's good but insurance is slow with the moola but at least she and her family have a place to live now until the house is rebuilt. Makes my problems pale by comparison when you think about it.

Don't get me wrong...I am grateful for what I have and those people who have stood by me in these harrowing times. You are my foundation and I love you all to bits. Here's to a smoother road ahead for us all!
Tags: friends, life, stress, technology
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