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Khal Drogo: Jason Momoa: A Game of Thrones

Been watching A Game of Thrones and loving it so far even though I have not read the books. Nothing says I love you like bend over lol

 Lots of fans of AGOT seem to be jumping on the Jason Momoa bandwagon and commenting on his "hotness" as Khal Drogo.....feel a little protective of him as he's more that just hot and 4 years as Ronon Dex on Stargate: Atlantis can atest to. In AGOT he hasn't been given much of a part - mostly sex scenes.....hopefully he will get some meatier scenes in upcoming episodes before his character dies.....I miss my shoot first ask questions later Ronon Dex!!!. I think most AGOT fans never watched Atlantis and dang did they missed a great show. I guess I shouldn't judge since I've only ever seen a couple of episodes of Baywatch when Jason was on it but he was too clean cut and had short speaking of fantastic hair....some pics of Jason's lovely mane....

Jason as Ronon Dex with dreadlocks

Jason (before the long long pony tail wig of Khal Drogo) flipping his shorter but not too short hair....*sigh*

Would love to be Khalisi but srsly can I really trust a horde of Dothraki barbarians?

Interview links:

Game Of Thrones: Character Feature - Khal Drogo (HBO)

Interview with Jason Momoa about A Game of Thrones and Conon

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