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Wild animals

Driving in to work this morning saw a fox running up the hill on Rosedale Valley Road. Candace spotted it first thinking it was a cat but the closer we got you could clearly see it was a fox. In the last 5 years of driving up that road I’ve seen at most racoons or squirrels as in winter you can see far back into the interior of the wooded area where a couple of homeless people have set up their tents/makeshift lean-to’s. In the summer it’s entirely dense forest once the trees get their foliage and nothing can be seen. This is the first time a “wild” animal was spotted at least at the am morning rush hour. Fox must be hungry to be out at that time. It was a pretty, golden colour and I wonder if it was male or female and if so where there any babies in a den somewhere. Candy was saying foxes travel in pairs (idk if this is true). I kicked my self for not having a camera with me though :(. 

One of the girls in accounting gave me a card for a complementary 30 minute facial at Dove Spa (just up the road from the office)…her note said….”maybe this will help you relax a bit”. Sometimes the most unexpected people are very thoughtful.

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