Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Le Weekend

All the plans for this weekend went out the door....

Me and lady__croft were supposed to go with amdisa to Ikea to get a desk but that didn't pan out because due to stress of late I got information wrong so instead the desk was brought to us because amdisa and her bf rock! Ended up doing a bit of running around to the Market, Origo's and the Vital Planet. Origo's was interesting in that the woman there needs to pay attention otherwise she maybe selling crystals to noobs who will never get any use out of them especially when it's "Lemurian" crystals. I told her what the three she had were for cooking, dance and drawing/painting in case anyone is looking for those. I hope she ensures that she sells them to the person who will benefit from their specific knowledge. Mind you I suppose it works both ways and the right people will purchase the correct ones for them. Also she had me hold a quartz crystal with hematite in it and some iron oxide. I told her that it's specifically for healing the blood. I hope she remembers that when she sells it. Also there was an amethyst specifically for past life/karmic work. Sometimes I think people don't believe me when I tell them what a Lemurian crystal is programmed for or what some crystals should be used as they often go by generic books but it is not always so. I have a gift with crystals and I can pass on my knowledge but I can't force people to accept it. Yet it is my hope that the crystals find their way to the right people.

This afternoon I was supposed to get a facial with Jean the owner of my favourite spa but woke up with a cold sore and so she said to just rebook it when it's gone. Was really looking forward to having it too as Jean is awesome and she tells me that my body is too acidic and I need to relax, meditate, and to eat alkaline foods. When I went over the foods I ate on Saturday I realized all the foods I ate were completely acidic and add that to my insomnia and my through the roof stress levels and wham bam cold sore. You have no idea how much I HATE having a cold sore. Just want to hide until it goes away. This one is a bit weird hurts more than itches. I took some Oregano oil, chlorella and just trying to relax a bit. Didn't do laundry or finish cleaning the library or even put up the new desk. I cancelled my cg meeting for tomorrow night as well. Wish I could stay home from work tomorrow but I have things to do for the Allocation Committee meeting on Tuesday which I am not looking forward to....I'm just too stressed to deal with these hypocritical people. I need some time off....
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