Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Up in smoke

Just found out Es lost everything in a fire on Friday night. Her neighbor called to tell her that her house was burning and to come home immediately. Thank god she and her hubby & kids as well as the dog were all out of the house so no one was hurt. It makes the shit going on in my life pale by comparison. I feel so helpless and so sad for her. They moved in with her mum but they have nothing left. They bought some clothes and a few toiletries but other than that there's nothing. When I spoke with her tonight she was in the pouring rain sifting through the ruins of her house trying to see if there was anything at all to be salvaged. The insurance company is handling things but she told me they said it could take anywhere from 3 - 5 months to settle it all. Pending an investigation into the cause of the fire but it is believed to be faulty wiring when the new heater was installed. Es is currently looking for a short term rental as she can't impose too long on her mum as there really isn't enough room. I feel so helpless and so sad for her. She said she wanted to just go home but there wasn't any home to go to. My heart almost broke. I really wish I had won the lottery last Friday so I could help. I feel like crying but it won't change prayers are with her and her family during this surreal event.

The weird thing in hindsight is that lady__croft was telling me that this morning when she went out to get coffee/breakfast firefighters were flirting with her having just finished answering a 911 call in our building. 
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