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Le Weekend

Yesterday I went to get a massage because the pain in my shoulder was too much to bear. Wow was it ever amazing and the pain has gone down considerably. I put a lot of heat on it as well....and it's almost as good as new. I'm getting massages every month from now on. I deserve it! Of course it was also Earth Hour so we spent it with candles glowing, tea of course, and some banana chocolate and yum lol

Today I went over to Joe Fresh and picked up a few articles of clothing....everything is $9 or under...can't beat that price anywhere! Also got new plants and some are going to come to work with me! The shamrock is so cute <3

Heard Fernando Gago is marrying Gisela Dulko in July. I"m so glad he's marrying someone nice! Congratulations!
The Styx concert is on right now....gods I love this band. They are made of awesome! Need to make dinner sometime soon.
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