Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Coversations at work...

Was lifting heavy bag this morning really aggravated an already sore muscle in my shoulder blade. I couldn't put the seat belt on this morning for the drive in. I had to have help. Heated seats in the car helped a smidgen though. Still painful to take a very deep breath or lean forward or twist.

This AM Jer and I were discussing aliens as he watches Ancient Aliens and always tells me what happened in the episode. He started to mention that one of the person's the tv show interviewed had intercepted a message and I relayed something I saw a week ago on a guy who did that with a message of 1s and 0s and it said something along the lines of we will continue to monitor mankind. We then went on to discuss how discovering aliens should not change your spiritual or religious beliefs and how both of us thinks it only enhances it because it proves there is a higher power creating all life.

Last week he pops his head into my office and mentions that there was an Egyptian pharaoh who changed polytheism to monotheism in his reign. I look at him and mean Akhenaten right? He says Ya that's the guy. We laugh...tells me that Ancient Aliens posed a theory that the pharaoh may have been alien with the shape of his head. I then pointed out many Egyptologists give credence to the theory that Akhenaten may have suffered from a rare genetic disorder known as Marfan’s Syndrome. Only DNA tests from his tomb will determine if this is true.

Then we swung over to talking about the languages that Jesus spoke....I pointed out that Jesus in order to speak to Pilot he would have had to have known common Greek (trade language) and possibly Latin. Herod would have spoken Aramaic but certainly not Pilot. As a tradesman which Jesus was (carpenter which in the Roman world meant he commissioned sculptures not wood work) he would be making art for the Romans mostly as they had the money to buy "art" as it were.) This in turn moved us back to Egypt and talking about the Pyramids and the hieroglyphic languages and what the pyramids were really used for. He started to tell me about his OBEs etc.

Overall "fascinating" as Spock would say!
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