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Le weekend

Weekend was good more or less. Saturday broke the bank at Ikea getting a $10 lamp plus three $4 bowls and tea towels that were 2/$2. It took lady__croft and I an hour and half to get up to North York by pubic transportation. Then we waited 20 minutes for the shuttle bus only to find out that the formerly closed road as now open and we could have walked to Ikea in 5minutes *shrugs*. Didn’t like the 30 minute wait in line because of poor customer / cashier service. Sunday was made of feeling crappy, exhausted to the point I just slept on and off. Not sure why I was so tired and lethargic and when I finally was able to wake up I had a horrible stomach ache that was really painful. My brother called to chit chat and the conversation on any other day would have been fine but I was feeling crappy and he was being really long winded to the point where I just tuned out a lot of the time. He kept going on and on about politics and conspiracy theories which is usually fun to mock etc but I wasn’t in the mood to debate. After the conversation turned to family, where he had the audacity to say he thought our Dad was lazy. I was annoyed by the comment and not in the mood to be confrontational so I just said we are going to agree to disagree on the point. I love my brother but sometimes he’s just stubborn and ignorant and thinks he knows about events that happened when we were kids... he really was too young to know the finer details.

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