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PMS, Earth Hour and IPL

It seems a few villages are missing idiots today....why must they all show up either in my inbox, at my desk or calling me on the phone? Think I'm PMSing....felt like I was going to crack today....tired. Tomorrow is another day.

Earth Hour is coming up soon...on Saturday March 26 at 8:30pm. Have participated in this annual event to save electricity and hopefully the planet since it started. This year I'm looking forward to it again. Nice candlelight with the right people make this a truly awesome event. Any time one can reduce their carbon footprint is always a good thing!!!

Need to schedule the every 8 weeks torture treatment at the spa for sometime next week....wanted to get IPL hair removal for the upper lip done but was reading articles in both The Toronto Star newspaper and Real Simple magazine which talked about scaring and the dangers of laser hair removal especially in Canada since many of the people ie estheticians doing the treatments only have a couple of days training. In the US only registered nurses and dermatologists are allowed to use the lasers. Canada has so such regulations and no recourse if we end up scared due to adverse reactions such as burns from the laser's heat. Also things such as blisters and cold sore reoccurred to look out for as well....  Not that I don't trust my spa. I do. Except I'm hyper sensitive on my face so I have trepidations about IPL now and when I read that people who are sensitive to the sun shouldn't get it at all (I have sun allergies) then I decided it wasn't something I could do even if I've wanted to. Too many unknown factors for me which to put it succinctly sucks!  I was looking forward to eventually never having to wax my upper lip ever but I guess waxing must continue. Maybe down the road I can get it done if the lasers change or something new comes along. *sigh*

My prayers go out to the people of Christchurch as they deal with the aftermath of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake.

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