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Be my Valentine?!?!

This is the first Valentine's day I didn't hate....srsly :D.

Just wish some guys put more thought into buying flowers or a little something. Who wants 3 red roses or any flowers that looked like they've seen better days that the guy bought last minute at the grocery store. It's not hard to pick up something a few days in advance or order flowers at a shop and have them delivered. If you're going for something inexpensive then maybe make a lunch date instead with a small box of Godiva truffles or something you know is your sweetheart favourite, write a poem, sing a song, draw something if creative or offer a gift certificate that entitles the Valentine a day free of house cleaning (girls) or day off from having to fix things up (guys)....a little thought can go a long long way. Anything has to be better than half dead flowers yet that's what a lot of guys were buying today.

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