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On the radio...

I'm listening to the radio the other night and there was this woman on Mary Ann Winkowski who is some kind of paranormal investigator and  I've dubbed her....Misinformation!. She used to do work for that show Ghost Whisperer before it got canceled. She said a few things I found to be ridiculous. She's talking about negative energy and tells the host that only 'someone else' can remove negative energy and you can't remove it yourself. Bull shit...I've removed neg energy myself as well as kicking out "ghosts/entities". I didn't have to hire anyone. It's amazing how her website says she's going to run workshops to teach people how to do it. Can we say CASH GRAB much!!! She said get a priest or minister to bless your house. Anyone can bless their own house. Even the Catholic Church says you can bless the house yourself. She said never use holy water as it makes entities angry. LMAO wtf does she thinks a priest uses? She claimed sea salt only partly held back entities. Not in my experience. Salt keeps em out and they stay out! Trust me use it liberally. Then she went on to say that anyone who hasn't had a long term or isn't good at relationships has a negative entity attached to them. Srsly she said that. I was all wtf...she's on crack? People like this come on talk shows claiming they are the "knowledgeable" and end up screwing up things for those who listen to them. Don't believe everything you hear....just saying.

Then they had on later a flash back episode Somewhere in Time from July 21, 1998 where this guy Alex Collier was talking about aliens and how these specific humanoid aliens from Andromeda told him future things that would happen between 2003 and 2007. Some of them were things like the moon would no longer be there as it was an artificial satellite made by extraterrestrials and would move away from Earth. Last I saw the moon was still there and it's 2011 and well if he thinks the moon is a satelite I have swampland in the Louisiana Bayou to sell him. He also said that aliens would walk amoung us out in the open and we'd have to address them in certain ways with bowing and a specific phrase (can't remember what phase was). Nope don't see any aliens out in the open. LMAO. I can't remember what else he said but it was pretty funny considering not one thing he said came true. Not surprising that when I went to the website he was never on the program again. Geez I wonder why lol. He was pretty out there but I had a good laugh.
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