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Fender Bender

Let me start by saying...I'm ok....I was in a car accident today.

I was getting a drive home from work. The light turned orange just as we came to the lights so Candace stopped rather than run through it. A couple of seconds later bang! We were hit from behind. It felt a lot like a amusement park ride like bumper cars only really really hard and without the fun. I was jarred in my seat sending my winter hat flying off. I didn't even realize until a few minutes later that it had come off as I was a bit stunned. Luckily there were cops on the corner (and we were several blocks form my house) and so the exchange of insurance between the guy and Candy was pretty quick about 15 minutes or so. A police officer came over to asked if I was ok. He mimed ok? with his hand and then gave me a thumbs up through the window. I gave him the ok sign but realized my mittens were on so I had to take it off to give him the ok thumbs up sign back. As I sat there waiting I did start to shake a bit guess the shock was wearing off. I thought I was ok but my neck started to hurt similar to when you get a tension headache. And the headache began which I still have as I write this. By the time I got home my back began to ache in the middle and upper back and under the left shoulder blade. It still hurts. I guess its whiplash. I am lucky I was slightly slouched in my seat so my head didn't go flying too far back. When I got out of the car after we got to my place I had to check out the the damage. It was all right side of the vehicle which is the passenger side. It's a pretty decent size tear in the fender to say the least. I am ok but I NEVER ever want to experience something like that again. I think I need a massage though...

I sort of don't want to get back into a car for the next little while....but Candy picks me up every morning....
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