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Today was disappointing in some respects...

Major snow storm although not the Snowmageddon we were led to believe was about to hit TO but I still had to go into work today while a few people used various excuses to get out of coming in....maybe I should move to the burbs *shudders at the thought* because I can then use the excuse of being unable to get to work on days like today.....

Was told yesterday but it was made official today old assistant isn't coming back March 1st as we thought because the girl she replaced isn't ready to come back to her job yet for another 2 months. So I'm stuck the "all the wrong skills" temp assistant until April 30th. She's impacting the efficient running of my dept and there's nothing I can do about director has made it clear that he will go along with what HR thinks is best instead of what is best for my dept. Well if things fall through the cracks I"m not picking up the pieces. I've already let my director know that temp ass isn't up to snuff and if he ignores it then it's his problem and there's nothing I can do right?

Also a person I thought might be of help with some changes i need to make isn't going to be the help I was thinking/seeking. Yes of some help but not the kind i hoping for. So I have to wait until the Ides and then re-evaluate.

I was sort of hoping to rein in my destiny by Valentines day but as much as I hope I honestly don't hold out much hope...I'm thinking maybe Pandora purposely left hope in the box because it was the worst of them all as sometimes hope can be false and thus keep you immobile, keep you from growing and changing if that makes any sense because you're hoping for change rather than making change happen..... You can hope and hope and hope positively but if nothing happens then at what point should you stop hoping? idk.I'm rambling incoherently here....

On the bright side the office closed early and I got home in time to watch Real Madrid game. They won against Sevilla 2-0 in the Copa del Rey thus sending RM into the final against Barcelona. Once they took out Benzema and Di Maria the game picked up (they could get nothing going before then) and Aderbayor finally came in and finally got his first goal since joining RM during the transfer window a few days ago. Ramos was being his usual perfect defending self. And I got to watch Martin Caceras play (even if it was for Sevilla not having seen him since he left Juve). I always said he played a lot like Ramos and he was wearing number 4 so I'm going with the assumption that since Caceras is also a deferenceman his idol is SR and thus the reasoning behind the taking of no. 4. could be the reason.....

Still waiting for the a happy surprise...
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