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Snow storm rant

So there is a major snow storm hitting TO starting tonight into tomorrow with predictions of 20-30+ inches of snow landing on the city. This is a storm coming up from south of the border where it's pretty much BLIZZARD conditions! The out city has asked that only essential travel but is any of the retail and offices heading this request? HELL NO! Essential services means grocery stores, gas stations, fire stations, police, hospitals etc certainly not offices (nothing is that pressing that the work can't wait ONE day!), retail stores (no one will be shopping cuz they can't get there duh), banks (ever heard of electronic banking? No one is going into a branch let me tell ya in a snow storm) yada  yada yada. Wish TO officials declared a city of emergency and told everyone in no uncertain terms to stay home. Wished they'd just shut down the city and let the snow plows do their work without impediment and everyone returns to normal activities on Thursday.

My office is open but nothing they do falls under essential services let me tell you....and a lovely email from HR  indicates that our offices are open and that employees are expected to make every attempt to get into the office and anyone who can't must make up the time later or use any lieu time accumulated which as a co-worker put it succinctly basically says screw you get your culo into the office even if it puts you at risk. Thanks for looking out for our safety. I'll remember that.....

It is going to take me a while to get into the office because usually I get a ride into work and that person isn't sure they want to take their car out in white out conditions and I don't blame them. So I have to rely on public transit. And God forbid if they shut down the TTC then I'm royally screwed. I am not walking into work as I did the first day I started there when it was over 100 degrees outside and I walked 2.5 hrs uphill in what should have set off warning bells. There will be many who don't come into work claiming they can't get in. The person I get a ride in with can come by TTC but I doubt they will do that and say they're working from home on minutes for a meeting (she told me she might do this). Meeting minutes do no take 7hrs to hour tops. It's unfair that many of us must travel long distances because we just happen to live on a TTC line while those who drive in can say they can't get in.

I really don't want to spend time trudging through snow because I"m pretty sure that the streetcars are going to find it difficult to maneuver in 30+inches of snow so I'll have to walk to the subway which without snow normally takes about 30mins and in this storm will take 3 times as long and lets factor in the 50mph wind gusts plus temperature of -15 degrees Celsius (feeling more like -22 according to the Weather Network) just to get to a half empty office and guaranteed they'll tell us to go home at 3pm.......arrrrrrrgggghhhhh! *shakes fists at stupid HR and idiot Sr. Management* And if I get sick it will not be pretty let me tell you....

I would like those who normally travel by car who stay home in storms to try to come to work via public transportation in a storm just to see what it's like then maybe they will's just as bad for those of us who don't drive as for those who do. Get some perspective here....just saying.

EDIT: the schools are closed (never happens in TO), police are declaring the roads dangerous and to stay off them. Just wanted to thank my offices for staying open and putting all the employees lives in danger by expecting us (yes that what the HR memo implied) to come in. Sometimes I wonder if my office are playing with a full deck in running operations when something like this happens....
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