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Hala Madrid

Real Madrid match was so pathetic today...they played like crap...Sergio played well because he's Sergio and great on defense. RM were horrible at passing and really need Gago back from injury stat...he's the only one who can pass with any accuracy through the midfield. I don't know where our strikers went to...oh right Higuain is's amazing how much he is needed up front (and to think they wanted to trade him a year ago *rolls eyes*). The new striker Adebyor was ok for his first game and he's quite big so maybe he can intimidate the competition once he get's going....we can only hope. Why didn't RM get Cavani when he was on Palermo? Kept saying we should get him....and we really need to let Benzema, Di Maria, Pepe, the Diarras (ok at least one is gone) and Kaka go on their merry way though they shouldn't have gone the minute Jose Mourinho became coach....oh well....there is the Copa Del Rey and Champion's League to look forward to....I heard that Athletic deal for Diego Forlan fell through....dang we could have used him today...Kevin and I will have a talk about that tomorrow most likely....

Fernando Gago wasn't in the squad line up this afternoon....and there is no news as to why....with the transfer window still open this freaks me out a little....HE CAN NOT BE TRADED....just saying. If anyone has news on Gago please comment and save me the torment. 
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