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So I watched American Idol....gotta say Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez cracked me up as judges.Jennifer had some really good comments to some of the people auditioning. Srsly so much better than Paula. Simon's gone and I miss his brutal honesty but at the same time Steven Tyler is refreshing and a little cookoo (in a good way). I'm hoping this means that a "rocker" is going to win Idol this year! Looking forward to the tough round of "hollywood week" to see what the new judges critiques are.

Speaking of music.....I'm LOVING the Bruno Mars song Just The Way You Are. The lyrics are beautiful. <3.

On the other hand Katy Perry's song Fireworks grates on my nerves because Katy screams it at the top of her lungs and I don't know why she's a better singer than that! And for that matter what is with Teenage Dream...whose it for adults or teens? Because honestly the lyrics are a bit contradictory. No adults says "lets go all the way tonight" and no teens are going to think that their significant other is going to be making them feel like they're "living a teenage dream" as implies the PAST and the teens ARE LIVING IT NOW! I just don't get it.Contradictory lyrics. I like her other songs and I own all her CDs but these two I could do without.

And the worst out there right now is Pink's Raise Your Glass....srsly did she write this? If so then Pink should have bought a rhyming dictionary  and spared us the lyrics...."don't get fancy just get dancey"...last I looked dancey wasn't a word and srsly if you can't find a word to rhyme together then CHOOSE ANOTHER WORD! Not rocket science here chicky poo. And wtf is a Penny Snatcher? btw  it doesn't rhyme with Crasher its a near rhyme aka slant rhyme. She tries to rhyme all the other lines but why not this one? Anyway...don't get me wrong her other songs are fine just this one bugs me....

Sometimes I just wonder...
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