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The Other New Guy

So there's this new guy Kevin at work. He's there for a 3 month contract. We met on Monday and Director introduces us, and the first thing he asks me is why I had the Spanish flag up at my desk. Idiot Director interjects "oh Kevin speaks Spanish". Kevin tells me his wife is Spanish (he's actually American) and he indicates that he's always happy and curious when he sees the Spanish flag and wants to know why someone is displaying it. I smile and say Real Madrid (I forgot to mention tennis lol). He says to me well you're not going to like me. I'm thinking wtf is he a Barcalona fan and if he is and says Messi is a great player I'm going to hurl. He says Real Madrid is one of the best teams in Spain and I'm wondering if he's going to prolong the agony in regards to Barca but he then says I"m an Athletic Madrid fan. Now I'm stunned and cock my head at him and say why Athletico? He tells me it's because he wanted a good but mid level team to root for. I'm thinking there's more to this but we go on to talk about each teams players and I mention Diego Forlan and Kun and he mentions Ronaldo and Benzema. I tell him point blank Benzema sucks! We throw down names and games, coaches etc and during this entire conversation which maybe is about 3 minutes tops idiot Director doesn't say a word. He can't he has no frame of reference as he does not watch soccer so he can't join the conversation. Then Kevin turns to him and tries to explain the rivalry between Real and Athletics is like the Mets and the Yankees. Director looks a little lost and Kevin says in hockey it's the  Leafs vs the Canadians as no city has 2 hockey teams but really Leafs/Can are like Real and Barca. Now that Kevin says hi to me all the time but not to most of the other people *shrugs*.

So today we chit chatted about Real's coach Jose Murinho. We also talked about the "big game" coming up on Thursday (which I'd didn't even realized was on Thursday as I usually just watch the games on the weekend on TV and can't really watch mid week games on the internet at work). He told me Kun has an injury and will be out for that game (Copa Del Rey) which I didn't know and he mentioned Di Maria to which I replied Di Maria's been crap lately. Mostly J-Mo was the topic. It's nice to have someone else to talk to about soccer. There are only 2 others besides me and now Kevin in the building. One being the guy in communications on a different floor and he's more into the World Cup. The other being Val who really is only into the TO FC or North American soccer.

At least I know have someone to talk soccer with. I need to find out if Kevin likes tennis....
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