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Come and rescue me now 'cause I'm falling apart

Been sick the past week. Took yesterday and today off...really needed the rest. Recovering.

Did have a panic attack at 2am this morning. Luckily I had some Rescue Remedy on hand and after about half an hour I calmed somewhat down and around 3am was ready to go back to bed. It was scary actually since I only ever had one once and it didn't last more than 10mins or so and it wasn't even close to what happened this am. Nothing like a panic attack to tell you how stressed you are....Blame this on crazy illogical people on my committee. I truly know how Spock felt....

Need to go back to my New Year's resolution: make some changes and simplify my life. Once I'm feeling better I will develop a detailed plan and action steps.

Best thing today was lady__croft sending me a posting!

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