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It's a New Year filled with possiblities!

A bit of a busy start to 2011. Cleaned/ decluttered/ organized out my closet, bathroom cabinets and about to tackle my jewelery over the next few days (got some new trays at Winners over the holidays). Last will be the library as I've put books back on their shelves haphazardly and they need culling and straightening out. I always have too many books. It's funny how I was able to sleep through the night over the Holidays but now that they're over I'm back to waking up in the middle of the night. Been trying to make appointments to get a massage for a while now but something always seems to come up. I must must must pick a day and just go.

Horoscope in the TO Star for January 1st 2011 went something like this:

Stand on you head and blow bubbles and juggle some balls with your left hand, use your right foot to spin plates. Don't forget to sing in between the bubbles. Wait they want you to also sing in iambic pentameter. This all must be done on a high wire. Now if you think that's pretty full agenda well there are people who think that's normal and you should be doing more. And you're only happy to oblige for some strange reason. BUT it's a new year and it's time to relax and be less demanding on yourself and success will follow.
I have to say that 2010 felt exactly like that...trying to please everyone and do it all but never appreciated for it. I'm so glad that it's over. It was a horrible year but 2011 is going to be great and definitely filled with dreams coming true.

My New Year's resolution is....make some changes and make life less complicated.

Only 68 days left in the DMP
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