Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Adios 2010

My youngest brother is in the ER right now with possible food/listeria bacteria poisoning. It's bad. Also lady__croft had a bottle of fizzy Italian soda explode in her hand this afternoon as she lifted it from the shopping cart at the check out counter in Loblaws. Everything in the cart was covered in glass and soda. I'm so thankful nothing hit her face or eyes. Scary stuff!

On that note I've never been so happy to see a year end! Here's to a fabulous 2011 where dreams come true!

Have fun and stay safe and kiss the person you love or a stranger to your left you never know if he/she'll be THE ONE!

pic by Rui Ricardo

EDIT: My brother is currently on IV and awaiting blood tests :(

EDIT 2 (Sat): Brother is now home from the hospital. Docs think it is the flu. Whatever it is it's horrible but I'm glad he's ok.

Tags: holidays
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