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Tis the seaon

Christmas at my Dad's yesterday was lovely as always. My eight year old nephew was inundated with Star Wars related presents lol. Reaggravated my arm  injury because I was teasing my sister....I am such an idiot sometimes lol. (Hurts like hell today. Putting a tenser bandage on it.) We stayed longer than normal because we eating and talking and talking and eating. When we got home I crashed then woke up near midnight and ended up staying up until 2am watching a Big Bang Theory marathon on the Comedy network and flipping occasionally to watch a couple of Cake Boss: The next great baker episodes that they were replaying. Am a bit tired today because my sleep cycle is really way off now.

Tonight I'm spending the evening with 3 drag queens on a road trip across the Australian desert in a bus named Priscilla!!! I'll let you know how it goes later!
Tags: holidays, musicals
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