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shopping and dinner

Buffee lunch at the Mandrin was horrible. Wasn't my choice. Food consisted of much fried fare which I detest. I had some wonton soup and peas and corn and some eggrolls. Everyone had second and thirds but not me. I wish we could have gone to the Yueh Tung. Restaurant in Chinatown. The food there is awesome and NOT solely comprised of fried foods. I had stomach ache after so dinner was 1000x better!

lady__croft and I went to The Big Carrot and to Gifts of the Earth. The woman in GofE was being a bitch and got on the phone when I was asking about pricing so we finally got fed up and went to go buy some things in TBC. We came back to GofE and I bought a large piece of sunstone and also a small obsidian MerKaBa which is comprised of two star tetrahedrons (see platonic solids). I wanted the very large quartz one but it was $150 or somewhere thereabouts. lady__croft  got a Christmas present for one of the girls in her office at GofE - lavender eye relaxation pad.

We then went to Megas (Greek restaurant with murals of Alexander the Great and Dionysus on the walls) to eat.
It was really nice to eat out for a change. Ordered lamb chops because they have the best in the city!!! There is something primal about fire grilled meat....just saying. The waiter was overly nice and kept bringing complimentary food. A seafood salad appetizer and this awesome traditional Greek dessert called Revani which is a delicious semolina cake with cinnamon sprinkled on it. Omgs is it sooooo good. lady__croft  didn't care for it. I ate both pieces lol. We had left over lamb so it came home with us...4 pieces each is a lot but damn they are amazing. They will be good for lunch tomorrow.

Only crappy thing that happened was my merkaba fell off the counter and now there are 2 chips in it. Really pissed/upset by it.

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