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Fringe and musicals...

I love Fringe....just saying.  btw I'd like to see Fringe the musical LMAO!!!

Tomorrow we're going to Rock of Ages. Yes I've seen it. I'm going with people from my work. The whole thing has been kind of a disaster from the beginning. Against my better judgment I said yes when asked only because it was supposed to be a "Girls Night Out" with a few of us from the office to see Rock of Ages. I said l would only go if lady__croft could come since we'd already made plans to go again....nobody objected. Great. Was going to be fun except....

The girl organizing the night (who is the SL event coordinator) opened it up to everyone in whole building at work and so a lot more people decided t come. People I don't partiI didn't want to go with 15 or so people. I just wanted it to be a few people I really liked. The girl asked me about pricing because initially the one of the other girls was looking into pricing and it was $119 for a Friday night.. I said that's too high a price to sit in the orchestra level as it's too near Christmas and I've already seen the show. The girl asked me to help her with pricing  so I passed on a discount pricing flier for the show as the theatre was having an end of run sale so to speak which LC sent me. Tickets were between $25 - 50 depending on seats except Fridays/Saturdays/Sunday evenings. The girl didn't' want to change the day from Friday to another week night or Sunday matinee. The only discount we were going to get was a group discount. We had a choice of seats on the side where we would only be sitting with two or three together and behind each other or we could sit in the centre in two rows in groups of 8. I made the observation that it was better to sit in rows of 8 together because how do you decide who gets to sit in the first row of seats that are on are side one behind the other in rows of 3. The majority said we should get them together in the middle instead of on the side. Can you tell these people don't go to the theatre much??

Our seats which we ended up purchasing would have been $39 but we paid $52 as it's a Friday. I should have declined right then before the seats were purchased and ask a few of the girls if they wanted to do the Sunday matinee but I felt bad if I backed out after saying yes. Then the girl organizing it sent out an email saying pay by next day or we won't get seats together. Again flag should have gone up....i was too tired to argue after the fiasco with the discount and the seating arrangement and the crazy emails going back and forth with the group I capitulated.

Now there was a whole thing about dinner and drinks before the show....and at first there was find own food and meet at the theatre then it was an expensive restaurant then they changed it to a pub. I finally declined just because it was too much vacillating on where to go and I didn't want to spend the funds when I'd rather make my won dinner anyway which is cheaper and it won't make my IBS act up.

So...get this couple of days ago I find out that the girl who was organizing it and making a big deal about getting a discount (which in reality we didn't) and paying right away....well the girl didn't have cash so she bought her seat with points from some card..and isn't sitting with us up in the upper balcony but down 2 levels in the how does that look if the organizer isn't sitting with rest of group..... WTF....she made a big deal out of everyone going and getting the money on time. idk.....And she said she's going to switch with someone in our row....who? one of us? don't think so...some stranger....well what at NOOB. No one goes to the theatre alone (ok very rarely). There's no one to switch with.

I'm mad only because I wish I wasn't going with all these people and just going with lady__croft , Val, Es and Bev and Mary instead. Oh well the show is what's and learn about doing things with people you don't like..
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