Niviene (niviene) wrote,

The Ramos-Barca melee fiasco

My cold kept me home today. Watched El Classico.

Omgs it was a travesty....Real Madrid lost 0-5 to Barcelona. It wasn't pretty...lots of missed calls by the refs. There was a huge fight at the end of the game...which imho stemmed from something that happened somewhere mid second period. The cameras showed The Ramos walking in front of the net and he was livid. Cameras stayed on him a several mins. There were no white shirts anywhere just a sea of red shirts. lady__croft had left the room and I was calling to her that SR4 was pissed at something. Later near the end of the game the runt Messi tripped over his own feet near SR and suddenly a bunch of Barcelona players were all over him like teen fangirls. Puyol came barreling in and SR just shoved him way.  Melee ensued. The Ramos quickly left the pitch. I don't know what happened earlier but it had some kind of bearing on what happened at the end of the match. SR usually is the peacekeeper pulling people away when they get heated under the collar. He usually stays away from altercations. My question is wtf did Barfa do earlier that pissed off SR4? SR just doesn't do go off like that without a reason. That is not who he is as a player no matter what people say.

That being said...the match was horrible....Real fell apart. idk wtf happened.
Tags: futbol, real madrid
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