Niviene (niviene) wrote,

cold go away now pls

It's official. I am sick. I caught lady__croft 's cold. Sore throat for last 3 days now my nose is very stuffed up and the pressure behind my sinus' hurts.

I took a vacation day for tomorrow (Friday). Shopping plans with amdisa and lady__croft  has now been postponed to December. Was supposed to go to the Whole Life Expo too but that is a no go either. Disappointing....

It seems I'm always sick on my vacation time of late...if you recall I had vertigo on my b-day week off...not sure what's up with this trend *is suspicious* <_< Strangely I'm not that upset that I'm sick on a vacation day.  I could use the rest. Too much work not enough play.
Tags: sick
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