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Kobo vs Kindle e-reader

So I'm wanting to get an e-reader.There are several hardcovers books I really want to read plus the books are cheaper for new releases. I was leaning towards a Kindle only because lady__croft has a Kobo e-reader and we could trade/share! Then I heard that a radio show host from Q-107 did some research and found that Kobo offers a ton more books than Kindle...I remember a while back when lady__croft was looking at them Kindle's site restricted access to Canadian customers on many of their books and what is that all about?!?!.  don't care if you can annotate with Kindle but not Kobo as I wouldn't use the feature ever. Also Kobo is partnering up with Chapters-Indigo so you can use their gift cards etc. Plus if there is a technical problem imagine trying to return your Kindle to the US to fix omgs what a hassle that would be instead of just taking it in to Chapters-Indigo.

So due to the above factors KOBO wins hands down as a better buy for us Canadians!

Getting a Kobo folks! Already got a bunch of books picked out.
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