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Bikini wax voyer

This afternoon's lunch topic included experiences with bikini waxing. Es wants to get one and wanted to know if anyone had experience and what it was like...besides the "painful" comments we all shared. She then says....ok so I need to find someone who'll let me watch....I just about died of laughter...if I'd been drinking it would've come out my nose. Thank the gods I wasn't. We all couldn't stop laughing. So then Es says directly to if I get you one for your birthday (she knows it's coming up) can I come watch. Again peels of laughter...she's so hilarious!'

Since I was going to the spa this afternoon anyway I told her I'd look into the cost and what it entails at my spa for her....

Sometimes we're just crazy....I think I'll start calling her the bikini wax voyer ROFLMAO x 3!
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