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Le weekend 2

Headed over to the EC as scheduled after going to the Market. Bought products at H2O...if it's your birthday month you get a 15% discount \o/ and I got 3 free gifts with it \o/.

Also went into Indigo....their kids section is huge btw....found 2 books on mermaids \o/

Watched the movie The Lovely Bones based on the book of the same name....didn't like it. Not sure why it was so popular...maybe the novel is better. Peter Jackson directed it....not sure how much he was true to the written word....I really don't want to read the book if it's same as the movie... I particular didn't like the closure for the parents....for the main character yes but not her family. I have issues with that. I won't give away spoilers but I wonder how anyone else feels whose seen/read both.
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