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Le weekend

So thankful it's = crazy. Weekend = relax/fun

Weekend agenda to go to the EC....lady__croft is getting the new KOBO e-reader...too much controversy on restriction of downloading books for Canadian customers for Kindle...who wants to buy an e-reader only to find out just because you live in another country you can't buy the digital books you least Kobo has no such thing \o/. Must also pop into H2O for b-day discounts...which reminds me Sephora hasn't sent me my b-day gift coupon...wthat is up with that? Not that I'm that devastated or's not a great gift and I don't use it usually but it makes for great stocking stuffer for a friend's teenage daughter. Most make up lines are highly toxic unless it's mineral/natural make up which is what I wear but try telling it to the younger crowd who only want the "brand names". It's weird because the natural doesn't cost any more and sometimes less than their brand name counterparts and is much better for your skin.

So excited due to change of plans this weekend I'm going to a Samhain/Halloween house party and I'll also be handing out the candy to kids. I can't decide what costume to wear...witch? Gypsy? pirate wench? mermaid? something else? Lots of time to decide...
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