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spooky stores n' clothing buys

We went to the lunch and on the way there I found this Halloween store....I was so excited that on the way back one of the other girls who enjoys the Halloween too went in to take a quick look around before heading back to the office. I told the lunch crowd and we all wanted to go back tomorrow and do a thorough check of it, trying on costumes etc but I have a dentist appointment so we decided that Monday lunch we'd go.

So after work I zipped over to the EC to get my slipper-booties as they haven't put the heat on in the condo yet and my toes need some warmth....also popped into Old Navy. I said ages ago that if they had the blue version of my grey hoodie/coat then I'd get it...last week when I checked they didn't but this week they I snatched up one of the 3 remaining. It has faux fur and keeps me warm for the drive into work without having to wear bulky sweats underneath. I wanted the blue to wear with jeans...the grey one doesn't exactly go with them....
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