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For the end of the fundraising campaign celebration our Director is taking the three depts (about 12 of us all together) out to lunch tomorrow...the lunch is at Swiss's become a joke between all of us now...last year he did the same for Christmas but we ordered the Swiss Chalet least we get to go out this time instead of eating in the boardroom...still I have no idea what to order...we just had turkey for Thanksgiving and there were plenty of leftovers...I don't really want any more of the same....maybe I'll get ribs and salad or maybe the grilled chicken salad because they don't give you all that much chicken in those...not sure yet. There is this nice Italian restaurant nearby called Spiga that I'd rather eat at but no such luck as Director likes SC. I should be grateful but honestly I wish I didn't have to go at all....I'd rather stay in a dead quiet office and get work done. Oh well FML such as it is...
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