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Sitcom...laughs all around!

Most exciting thing....the cast of The Big Bang Theory is in town today....caught the interview at Chum FM with Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar...not sure where Johnny Galecki was and Kayley Kuoco is injured so she didn't make the trip. Jim then headed over to Canada AM...I really wanted to be at the CTV interview but sadly I had to go into the office. They were at the Leafs game tonight though.... The guys are just as funny off the show as on. TBBT is the number one sitcom in Canada because we Canadians like intelligent TV!!!

First laugh of the day was when my director (who is rather portly and 6'2" tall) was walking into the storage room he did this half pause in the doorway with his arms swinging and hel ooked exactly like this famous picture of Bigfoot below...srsly same was hilarious!

Second laugh of the day was when Es during lunch today told me she thinks I need to stop looking for Mr. Right because what I'm looking for doesn't exist! Apparently intelligent + good looks doesn't exist. She said I need to find either someone pretty and dumb or someone intelligent but not that pretty or try to find someone who isn't as intelligent as I am but decent looking.... I laughed harder...good thing I wasn't drinking anything because it would have come out my nose honestly. That girl cracks me up!

I volunteered to clean out the fridge at the office tomorrow...will make the afternoon fly by as we're closing early. Good times, good times!

You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this weekend... relaxing plus a trip to the bookstore and on Saturday some Chili Chicken...yum can't wait.
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