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Us Open Tennis

Rafa finally won the US happy for him. He was beaming (not crying) as he accepted his trophy. Just before that they handed Rafa the cheque for winning....he tries to shove the envelope in his pocket of his hood and Novak (Nole) Djokovic whom he beat offers to hold it and Rafa hands it over then Djokovic jokingly puts it in his pocket as if he's going to keep it. He laughs and then just holds the cheque. It was funny cuz Rafa gets the trophy but Nole implies he should get the cash! Then stupid US channel cuts off the ceremony at 15mins after the hour. WTF So pissed...wanted to hear all of Rafa's speech etc and they could have stayed with the ceremony until the 30. No one was happy about the crappy coverage on ESPN and TSN....

Well at least Rafa won....he is the second youngest person at 24 to complete a career Grand Slam winning three consecutive major titles: Roland Garros and Wimbledon plus it only took 2 days with rain delays to do it.....VAMOS RAFA!

Now all he needs to do is win the Australian Open (coming up this January) again to make it 4 consecutive titles!

Cool stat:
 Nadal has won five Roland Garros, two Wimbledon and one Australian Open titles and now the 2010 US Open too!
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