Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Change of seasons

A cold wind is blowing these last few days…gone is the sun and warmth of summer. The weather has turned this past week and everyone knows autumn with its gloomy skies but pretty multi-coloured leaves is on the way. I dread the time when darkness will overtake the light and mornings become a time to crawl out of bed instead of bounce. Not that I ever bounced I’m not a morning person but still waking up was much easier in bright sunlight. Still with the change in seasons comes the holiday (well I call it that) I look forward to most: Samhain/Halloween…and never mind that it’s also near my birthday too! Already there are items geared towards things that go bump in the night. And yes of course I am a sucker for such items. I now have a baking sheet that makes cookies in the shape of ghosts, haunted houses, black cats, pumpkins etc. Now to find a good cookie recipe and some icing gel to decorate them with! I did see a really cool serving dish with a black cat in the middle but alas I didn't buy it....also really cool test tubes with flavoured syrup that you add Vodka to....great for that party where the bar is decorated to look like a test lab!

At some point I must start throwing my Samhain/Halloween parties again! Maybe next year...Destiny will dictate when!


Tags: seasons, weather
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