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Strange dreams and other weird tales

Last night I kept flipping between True Blood and The Emmy Awards. Prolly not a good combination in hindsight because I had this crazy crazy dream!!!

In the dream Billy Crudup (Almost Famous, Sleepers) was a vampire. Particularly violent one at that. He liked this girl who was tiny little blond thing with a large tattoo across her upper chest. She kind of liked him back yet he abused her and she had bruises on her. She tried to hide from him but he found her and kidnapped her in daylight by putting a tent tarp over his head (don't ask I dont' know). I followed him to his "lair" which was a house but more cave like. The only sun was from two double glass doors that led to a small backyard patio. There was a side entrance to this which I got the impression human servants entered and left. I stood by this door (in case I needed to make a quick gettaway into the sunlight where he'd fry if he tried to follow me) while he stood in the middle of the room ranting and raving that he wouldn't give her back and he loved her. There was a blond woman (similar to the blond Swedish woman in TB who accompanies Eric Northman) standing in front of him. Behind her was a dark hallway in which a bunch of people were running down carrying pitchforks and torches. Most of them where in silhouette except for Amber Riley (aka Mercedes from Glee) so I assumed all the cast members were coming for the vampire. In fact the girl the vampire kidnapped could easily pass for Dianna Agron (aka Quinn Fabray) now that I think about it. Anyway the Swedish type woman said something like "they've threaten to burn us before". I was getting ready to kick some vampire culo and then the  "glee" mob came into sight so I was glad for the help. And come to think of it I might have been holding a blue sleeping bag which srsly wouldn't have done anything against the blood sucking fiend from beyond the grave! Like I said before I DON"T KNOW!

Then I woke ya no more True Blood and Emmys mixing. BTW if ya didn't see the Emmys the opening number was a parody with the cast of the tv show Glee. Later on 3 cast members of True Blood presented 2 awards.

Again True Blood and The Emmys DO NOT MIX. At least this dream can be explained...well all except for the Billy Crudup who was not at the Emmys that I know of so why he made the appearance as the vampire in my dream I don't know!

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