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Leisurely Saturday

Was out in the sunshine today...strolled barefoot on Sugar Beach and then wandered the Harbourfront through the vendor tents browsing at the clothes and jewelry. There used to be this great Egyptian tent with lovely statues and a Native American custom jeweler who had fantastic turquoise (wish I'd bought stuff back then) but they are long gone replaced by cheap costume jewelery and although a few boast gemstones I found it mixed in with the faux stuff! I would never buy their turquoise! My arms are itching me like crazy form all the sun exposure and I had on sunscreen of 30!. Dang allergic reactions. Oh well it was nice even if it was 30 degrees Celsius outside.Finally got around to going into the new bookstore that opened 3 weeks ago and it's awesome! Ya'll know me and books plus it's my kind of store!

This evening nothing was on TV so I ended up watching the movie The Secret Life of Bees....made me cry. Dakota Fanning was fantastic in it really  I think her best work. Sad story but good ending.

Looking forward to relaxing and doing absolutely nothing tomorrow!
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