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Long weekend

Took yesterday and today off... a much needed break from all the crazy stuff going on especially at work! A mini long weekend

lady__croft and I spent yesterday at the CNE aka Canadian National Exhibition aka The Ex (we go ever year)!. Ate amazing steak on a bun from Fire One Grill....if you're going to eat in the Food building then go there as it's fantastic and we've eaten many places in there but this was far better than anything we've tried...most food taste bland and boring. It was real steak too cooked over an open grill...I'm hungry again just thinking about it. They even custom made mine so to speak! Ya we ate other things but it paled by comparison so why mention it. I must say that the kids and they were teenagers who work these fast food booths were very polite and accommodating even though it can't be much fun for them especially during the summer!

Did some shopping too while there. Bought a salt lamp which is amazing and it works. The living room where it is feels fresher (I'm surprised actually)....thus getting smaller ones for the bedroom and library! Also bought some crystal pendants: green tourmaline and fluorite. Bought Bev a crystal that has rainbows through it and perfect for her healing work. I almost kept it for myself it's so full of rainbows but a) I promised her I'd get her a crystal and b) I know it's for her...but so tempted it's that pretty! Also bought some beeswax candles at a fraction of the price charged in retail, a Tibetan singing bowl instead of my drum. I didn't go to the clothing warehouse hall where the clothes (Blue Notes, Siren, Urban Behviour etc) are around $5-$10 instead I waited for lady__croft  on a bench and actually dozed for a while. She came back with jeans and shorts and I had a nice cat nap lol!

The Rock in Roll Hall of Fame exhibit was awesome! It's worth it just to go see it exclusively. The only thing was the sad lack of Doors stuff O_o and lady__croft kept saying to the albums on display "I have that original album what's it worth now?" They have a song booth and we kept playing 60s and 70s rock! The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and The Kinks amoung others. The photographs and art posters for the rock festivals and album covers were incredible. I want to go back just to walk through all the music history again!!!

Overall it was a great day and I got to spend it with my bff. I really needed a day to have fun! Legs/feet were tired from all the walking but not nearly as sore as I thought they might be. The only thing is my throat is sore/dry...air conditioning me thinks is the culprit.

Today slept and relaxed. Watched The Young Victoria which I liked much better than I thought I would. Victoria and Albert are a sweet love story in a time you couldn't pay me to live in let alone be royal in :\

Tomorrow the beach me thinks!
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