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NIM reunion

So I met up with Ally and Vee....we used to work together back in the days of NIM. Headed over to Hot House Cafe for dinner and drinks. It was like old times...we laughed a lot!  Got caught up in what they're both doing now and we reminisced about the crazy days of NIM....still I can't believe how Ally is still in contact with a lot of the people from that place and has the low down on what's going on in their lives....Vee too but not as much...I'm out of the loop having long ago lost touch with people form that Dept (not that I'd ever want to stay in touch if you know what I mean). Ally and Vee always were great but the rest....nooooooooooooo!

It was a fun night out and much needed as I haven't been out with "the girls" in ages. We're meeting up again in Sept!
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