Niviene (niviene) wrote,

FNL - wtf

I hate what the writers did to Tim Riggin's character on Friday Night Lights...just saying. I don't believe for one minute that Tim would have even gotten involved in the car thefts in the first place....he was never stupid (go back to the episode with the drugs and guns) so why all of sudden do the writers decide he now is and has the character involved in dealing with selling stolen car parts?

And yes I cried when Tim decided to take the blame for it all instead of letting his brother who is a new father go to jail. They [writers] took everything good about TIm's character and flushed it down the toilet in what they think was a chivalrous move but in reality was the bone head move of all time.

Did I mention I HATE the writers on Friday Night LIghts....thanks a lot for destroying something beautiful.
Tags: tv
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